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What follows on this page is mostly about these websites ( and  For more about FamilyLight Consulting, please look at "About Us" and "Meet our Consultant." 

Pages in the "New Format" ( website allow readers to leave comments -- including those pages accessible to the public.

Currently almost all new additions to the website will be in the New Format including what remains open to the general public and what is for paid members only. Gradually pages will move from the old format to the new. Eventually, if our present plans remain, the Old Format will become an area of archival interest only -- but we are not there yet.  In most instances, information moving from the Old Format will remain publicly accessible.

In order to keep navigation as clear as possible, we have organized the New Format according to the following:

(1) The main body of information and guidance for families intending to use these websites in lieu of a private consultant will be found under two headings in the task bar above:  Meeting Special Needs and Virtual Consultant.   Meeting Special Needs is an extension of the Old Format website organized in the same manner. Virtual Consultant is organized around the tasks faced by a family addressing special needs without the benefit of a personal consultant. Clearly some information belongs to both areas.  We have attempted to solve that problem by generous use of links.  Users who are following an area of interest from the old format into the new will encounter links under Meeting Special Needs to relevant information we have placed under Virtual Consultant. People desiring the services of  Virtual Consultant will find links to relevant content in the Meeting Special Needs area.  If you are new  to these websites we encourage you to check out what we have to offer by exploring Virtual Consultant. You will find links to specific pages relevant to your interest  in that we have placed under Meeting Special Needs. If you are a veteran of our Old Format, you may be sure to get to where you need to go, by following the organization of the Old Site.  You will find links to pages in the New Format that extend the information from the old website and/or has been moved from the old to the new.

(2)  A menu of the Old Format website (  appears in all New Format pages near the top of the column to the left.  The heading is "Old Format Menu."

(3) As pages in the Old Format are replaced in the New Format, either the URL for the Old Format page will automatically forward to a replacement page in  the New Format or the Old Format Page will have a very visible link to the New Format replacement.

(4)  As areas of interest in the Old Format are further developed in the New Format, links are being added on Old Format pages that will take you to relevant new pages in the New Format that expand that area of interest.

(5) New format pages will include links to old format pages covering a related topic, even if the old format pages are of archival interest only and do not contain what we believe is reliable up to date information.

One major goal is to develop  Virtual Consultant, so that ambitious families can use this website instead of engaging a consultant.  We aren't there yet, but we are progressively adding value to the use of this website.   Pages that are directed toward that goal are found under the heading "Virtual Consultant" on the task bar above.    The Virtual Consultant main page will keep you updated on that developing service and that page will remain open to the general public.  When we fully develop Virtual Consultant, you  will be able to use it as your principal guide to plan for your own family just as you might have chosen to work with a skilled consultant interacting with you personally.   Key sections of Virtual Consultant are open only to subscribed members. However a comprehensive Index of all schools and programs that we believe are reasonably of interest to our readers (including readers who are not paid subscribers) is  currently under development and is open to the general public without requiring payment.

Some other key features that arrive with the new format:

(1)   Opportunity for reader comment on almost all pages in the New Format.

(2)  Ask FamilyLight a question.  This is open to both members and non-members but members have greater flexibility.

(3)  Search Function   (for members only):   Enter the characteristic of the school or program you are looking for and get back a list of all that match.

(4) Schools and Programs Most in Play  (most content is for Members Only)

(5)  Word or Phrase Search. Enter a word or short phrase  in the box to the upper left (Find: New Format), press "enter" and all pages in the New Format  using that word or phrase will be returned. (Warning:  This does not detect the word or phrase in the Old Format).  If you are not a member  or not signed in, only publicly accessible pages in the New Format will be returned.   To search in the old format, use Google and enter your word or phrase (with quotation marks around a phrase if more than one word) and "Familylight" next to that (no space in "FamilyLight") and search on that.  That method is highly reliable but not perfect.

Many pages will be accessible both from Meeting Special Needs and from Virtual Consultant.   For example Program Reviews began in the old website and therefore are part of Meeting Special Needs but they are also important to Virtual Consultant.   Therefore they are accessed both ways.

Why are we now charging for access to key sections of our website?  We refuse to bias our content by meeting the cost by seeking advertising revenue.  The only way to develop revenue to support the site is to ask those who use the site to pay a reasonable fee.  As the website becomes a substitute for hiring a consultant, the outstanding  cost benefit of this service will totally transparent.

We want you to contribute your own thoughts.  (Remember to pay attention to our rules when you do that   --  really read them; they are  not the usual yada yada)   You and other members will be able to  help each other.  Without being a member you can share your thoughts in public pages in the "New Format." If you use this service remember that the name you use in your profile will show next to your comment. If you do not want to disclose your identity, use a fictitious name in your profile.  You can change anything in your profile except your username.

Please be aware of the following:

Please read our full disclaimer. You are responsible for verifying our information before acting on it.

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