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This is being revised/updated at this moment. Text may change while you are reading. and are intended to interact with each other as seamlessly as possible as we very gradually transition from (the Old Format) to (the New Format).  

When we began to use the new format, we anticipated using it only for "members only" section of the the site. However we quickly realized that it offered sufficient advantages that we wanted all new entries to follow the New Format. We intended the "Meeting Special Needs" section to be the continuation of the original website, while "Virtual Consultant" would be the "members only" section. But we soon realized that maintaining that organization was confusing for new users who had no prior attachment to the Old Format type of organization.

Now, the information pertaining primarily to becoming a client of FamilyLight for in-person services is being gathered under "Consulting Services" as shown in the taskbar under the FamilyLight banner on all New Format pages and posts.  We are currently (September 2016) in the process of moving information on some pages to make that a reality.  Information relevant to both Virtual Consultant (online paid services) and Consultant Services (in person consultation)

Above revised, below yet to be revised.

In the future, will become an area of archival interest only with all current information in the new format. Already, most important entries are in the New Format.

The New Format gives us many new features and possibilities which were not possible previously:

  • Interactive:  You can respond to almost every page by leaving a comment.
  • Clearer presentation:   The old format is very difficult to program error free and to troubleshoot.
  • Permits a "pay to access" system for part of the website.  That might be something you as a reader sees as a disadvantage but is actually what allows us to devote the amount of time needed to put this information on the web.
  • Permits a search system to direct you to programs that have the features you need.
  • Additional user discussion possibilities will be made available.
  • And more.

We expect most users want us to keep this very simple at least until you get used to navigating the site.  (For paid members, who want to see all the  special details that apply to them, click here.  Non-members should have sufficient information here.  (If we are wrong about that and you have questions, write them in the comment box on any page.   We'll answer and the information will be there for the next person.)

The core content of the website is contained in two areas identified on the task bar above:  "Meeting Special Needs"  and "Virtual Consultant."  The former is an extension of the Old Format Website.  It is organized by the same tree directory as the the Old Format.  New material that extends what is classified by the tree directory of the Old Format website is placed in Meeting Special Needs with the same sense of organization. For more information on that tree Directory see the lead page for Meeting Special Needs.

The latter, Virtual Consultant, is organized around a series of basic elements  that an individual consultant would (hopefully) consider while helping a family plan for a person with special needs and that family will hopefully consider with our guidance when using Virtual Consultant instead of a "live body" consultant.       As this website develops, we expect an increasing quantity of new information to be introduced into Virtual Consultant.  That will be organized according to the elements of Virtual Consultant shown on the "top" page of section of the site.  We expect that a substantial and increasing quantity of pages will be relevant to both Virtual Consultant  and Meeting Special needs, and therefore will be accessible through directory trees in each area of the site.   For example,  School and program reviews are accessible both through Virtual Consultant and  Meeting Special Needs.   In Meeting Special Needs it is linked to "Program Reviews" linked in turn to "Programs and More." Virtual Consultant has Program Reviews as a major element, and the Program Reviews introductory page is linked directly from the top page of Virtual Consultant.  Reviews are also linked through the School and Program Search Function and the Comprehensive Index, both major elements of Virtual Consultant.

If you look at the task bar above, you will also see "Forums" and "Information for School and Program Representatives."  Forums are for Members only and provide a place for discussion.   Comments on any topic fair game so long as they are in compliance with our rules, but, again, only members have access.   Information for School and Program Representatives is about how we cooperate with providers who want to reach our constituents through these websites, and about the boundaries we keep to minimize conflict of interest and to eliminate undisclosed conflict of interest.

You are invited to leave questions in the "Comments" box below.

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Last updated September 5, 2016

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