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Note that this page is saved as a matter of history but not all information is accurate as this website is being developed.

To find what you are looking for on this website, we offer the following approaches:

  • Follow the tree structure of the Public Content area. All pages and comments on pages (except this and other pages that are about the website itself) are extensions of pages on the Public Content area of this website.
    • The Menu to access all of that is on the left side of every page of the Member Area. While in the Member Area, look for the words “Public Content” near the top of the menu column on the left side of the page.
    • The same Member Area pages (but not Public Content pages) are shown in the menu bar across the top of this and other Member Area pages.
    • Comments from members about any page appear at the bottom of each page and the entry point for a member to propose a comment is right under the existing comments.
    • The search function (box at top of column to the left) will search the entire Members’ Area for any word that you enter. Use your favorite Search engine to search the Public Content area by entering the “FamilyLight” and the item you are searching for.
  • Posts do not automatically have the same organizational structure as pages built into the structure of this software. Instead the software provides for categories and tags to organize posts.
    • A menu of categories appears to your left, just under the Public Content menu. Look there for categories of interest to you. A post can be linked to more than one category.
      • FamilyLight will manually introduce categories that match the names of schools, programs, topics, etc. noted in the tree directory and links to the matching category.
      • We will then enter links to categories into articles on the same subject in the Public Content area. Completing this task then keeping up with additional items will be time consuming and this will not be fully available when the Member Area first goes public.
      • The result will be that members will usually be able to follow the tree directory to the posts of interest to them.
      • The bottom of each post will show comments from members and have a place at the very bottom to enter your comment.
  • Due to a design flaw, members do not currently have a means to search on tags, but that capability will be added soon.
  • We recommend that if you are looking up a topic or a school or program you do one of the following:
    • Follow the tree directory of the Public Website to public information that is on topic, then follow any links to the member site that are on the same topic.
    • Look for a matching category in the category menu to the left.
    • Use the search function.
  • The search function of the Member Area and search engines: You can search for any word in the Member Area by entering that word in the “Member Content” box at the top of the left column. Keep in mind this only affects the Member Area. To search the Public Content area, go to your favorite search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and enter the item you are searching for and the word “FamilyLight.” Note that there is no space between “family” and “light.”
  • We will explain Forums when we get them installed. We have delayed that as we are seeking a means to enable members to trigger automatic emailing of new entries of interest to them but also enabling members to limit such emails to topics that interest them. We hope to be able to access that capability with forums and posts, but are delaying forum installation until we can determine whether we best serve that purpose with one big forum in which people can select email notification only on certain threads, or a proliferation of forums on different topics.

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Last updated January 11, 2014

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