More Detailed Explanation of Navigation for Members

Of interest to members:

If you are a member, across the top of the page, just above the FamilyLight banner and lighthouse picture is a task bar. (If you are not a member or not signed in, this task bar does not appear. You can skip to what applies to you if you click here.) Toward the right end of that task  bar, you should see  the word "Howdy" followed by your name.   (Sorry, the word "Howdy" came with the software. We can't fix that)   We call this the "upper task bar."    If you hover your mouse on that without clicking a small menu appears that allows you to edit your profile or to sign out.  To the right of that is a symbol. Click on that symbol and a cell opens. You may enter a word you are searching for and all entries with that word in the New Format  will be returned.  Note that this search function only looks at the pages in the new format (including those we allow the general public to see).

Go to  the left on that same task bar.  Hover your mouse over the word FamilyLight.  If you click on it, it simply takes you back to the home page.

For both members and the general public: 

At the far left on the lower task bar (the only tsk bar, under the Familylight banner, if you are not a member or not signed in), if you click on the word "Home," you will see the  New Format Home Page for these websites. This is now the Home Page for both websites.  Next to that, you see "About these Websites." Under this heading you will find menu links to all pages that tell about the Members' Area. None of these pages are the real content for which the FamilyLight website was created.  They are simply information about using this website. All are open to the public. Hover the mouse there, and a menu will appear with  four links.  One link is to "Navigating these websites (the parent page to this page), one is to the statement you agreed to when you registered for this website and paid your fee, another third is to the rules  for using the website, especially when you post your own comments, and the fourth is "History of this website."

Slide your mouse down and hover it over "Navigating this Website."  Numerous topics to help with Navigating this website appear to the right.  Click on any of those topics that addresses whatever you are trying to learn about this website.  To become an expert on navigating this website, we urge you look at each of the pages linked to "Navigating these Websites."   We urge you to look at "Different Kinds of Entries: Pages, Posts, Categories, Tags, Comments, and Forums" early in the process, as other articles refer to these different kinds of entries.

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Last Updated September 6, 2016

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