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This page is currently being  developed. 

  • Word Search Old Format Website:   Use Google or another search engine.  Enter the word or phrase that you are searching for (in quotation marks if more than one word)  and the word "FamilyLight"  next to it on the same line.   Relevant pages should be returned.  New Format entries might also be included.
  • Word Search New Format Website:  Use the box toward the upper left corner of your screen currently (April 29, 2014) labeled "Member Content" (but soon to be re-labeled more descriptively) and containing an entry field.  Enter a word or phrase that you want to find and all instances of that word or phrase in the New Format will be returned.  This will search on the entire phrase (if more than one word is entered) as if you had put the phrase in quotation marks using a search engine.  Examples of only one word from the entered phrase will NOT be returned.
    • If you are not a member or not signed in only those occurrences open to the general public will be returned.
    • If you are a member and you are signed in all occurrences will be returned.
  •  Search Geographically:    Enter a city, state, or country in the search box upper left (Currently labeled "Member Content" but will be changed to something more descriptive).   
  • If your search produces a long list, not all items will appear at once.    At the very bottom of the page that appears you will find in the lower left corner, "<< Older posts." Click on that to see additional schools and programs applicable to that category or tag.  You may need to repeat this several times in order to see all relevant search posts.

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Last update May 2, 2014

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