Rules for Members

Some rules – to be further refined.   Please actually read this. Not the usual yada yada.
  • Please set your spam controls so that you can readily receive emails from this address. You are responsible for rules changes we will email to you.   We will be sparing in emailing you about this discussion forum so as not to crowd your inbox, but when we do email you with the subject line “FamilyLight Member Site” please read the message carefully.
  • Thomas J. Croke and Associates, Llc. dba FamilyLight claims copyright on everything on the “” domain, except as explicitly noted.  Except what you have posted or proposed  for posting you may not copy or distribute in any way except as provided at .  What you post on this site yourself, you are free to use without restriction, however, for your protection, we suggest that wherever you re-use it you include a note that what you wrote is under copyright.  Note that legal permission to copy can only come from us, but we will always grant regarding what you wrote it if you tell us you want it granted.
If you share information or your own opinions on the site:
  • You may submit fact or opinion in the comment area of any page in the new format in the comment box.  Just enter what you have to say. We prefer that you post in the comment box most relevant to your concern. We check all submissions for compliance with these rules.  If in compliance, we will allow it to post, usually within 24 hours.
  • Remember that you agreed to assign copyright in anything you post to us.  That was in the “I agree” page where you signed on as a member. Nevertheless, you may re-use what you posted on our site and we will give re-use permission to copy to third parties if you want us to do that.
  • All posts must be in good taste.
  • You may not post any potentially defamatory information.  For examples of how you can freely express yourself but comply with this rule, make an "I statement" about your feeling; do not directly accuse anyone of shortcomings or wrongdoing.  For example:
    • Acceptable:  "I am not comfortable with the competence of their medical director."
    • Not Acceptable:    "Their medical director is incompetent."
    • Acceptable:  "I don't have confidence in . . ."  "I would prefer to see . . ."  "Program X was more appealing to me than program Y on that point."
    • Not Acceptable:  ". . . is abusing children."   ". . . does not do it properly."  "Program X does it right and program Y does it wrong."
    • May be Acceptable:   "I believe investigation might reveal that . . . "
    • Allowable but discouraged:  "Lu Vaughn is the best wilderness therapist in any program for adolescent boys."
    • Strongly preferred:  I have more confidence in Lu Vaughn than any other wilderness therapist for adolescent boys.
    • All posts should be on topic – no jokes – no  political advocacy (except issue oriented advocacy directly related to services for people with special needs)  – no advertising self, etc.
    • If you write about a service/ program/ school/ resource where you  are or have been employed, work or worked as a consultant or volunteer, been on the board, have  or have had a very close relationship or romantic connection with a person who benefits directly from that service/ program/ school/ resource, or any other history or relationship that could impair objectivity, you must disclose conflict of interest in what you write.  If your connection is of a personal nature, we do not need details but we need readers to know that there is a “personal conflict of interest” with no further explanation necessary.  In case of doubt report conflict of interest.  We reserve the right to cancel membership without refund, and/or block access to this website if this is not observed.  Note that this is a stronger conflict of interest standard than we usually see but we expect it to be observed on this site.  
    • You can remove your own post at a later date if for any reason you do not want it to continue to be accessible.

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Last updated December 22, 2017

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