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November 1, 2017:  We are declaring the member section of this website "ready for Prime Time," although much information that we do have is not yet displayed on our pages.  For that reason, we call attention to our "Ask FamilyLight a Question" feature. We may revise this from time to time, but for now we ask that paid members make use of this feature quite liberally. Non-Members are also invited to participate, although Members will get priority when and if time constraints emerge.  If you are seeking information on this site and do not find it, please ask us. Please go to "Ask FamilyLight a Question" feature to see details.  

We are updating our "Planning Approach" section so Member readers will have a detailed road map to follow.

We are have added new way to identify the schools and program most attractive among the clients we and similar referring professionals work with. Schools and Programs Most in Play.  Families and other professionals doing a quick search will find that section very helpful.  This addition is now completed but we expect to add some additional categories and some additional schools and programs.  Readers are invited to suggest additional names of programs for that section. 

We have added reviews based on our recent travel to North Carolina.

Please read our full disclaimer. You are responsible for verifying our information before acting on it.

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Last Update  November 1, 2017

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