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January 26, 2018: We made a major shift in policy yesterday (January 25) regarding schools and programs who get ugly with us as a result of what we say in our reviews and/ or how we advocate for our clients.  We simply remove all mention of them on the website. Schools and programs that appear in our Index are NOT in this category even if we have had major disagreements with them.  For more detail see our paragraph on this topic on Warnings page (members/ subscribers) and Warnings Introduction page.

January 23, 2018: We are continuing to further develop our pages on addiction. We are at risk of overwhelming readers with how much information is there. Our page on Warnings is now well developed; still some information to add. This is a page of warnings about specific pitfalls that people who are not experienced with our area of concern might fall victim to. (As usual, these links go to an "Introduction" page open to the public.  Each introduction page has a link to the complete page for Members and Subscribers.) We have started adding pages relating to addiction issues rather than lengthen the main page on that topic.  We might soon shorten that main page by moving some existing details to some linked pages. We are genuinely concerned that we have not made the main page easy reading.

January 16, 2018: We are in the process of creating a page on warnings.  Most of that will be in the Member/ Subscriber area, but our warning about "free" web directories and "free" consultants is also on the publicly accessible Introduction page.

January 2, 2018: Expert Consultant Services for $25 per month?  (Yes, as you suspect, there are important qualifiers on this offer) See Virtual Consultant for the long version explanation.  For the short version and our current free offer, see our "Current Promotion" page.

As examples of Christian Recovery approaches to addiction we are adding pages focused on Celebrate Recovery and Teen Challenge as examples of issues that may be encountered among resources with a Christian label. On this date (January 2, 2018) those pages are not quite complete, but you can see them as we proceed.

December 18, 2017: As we started to update Planning Approach (for Members; Intro for non-members) we discovered we needed to update our entire section on Addiction and Substance Abuse (for Members; Intro for non-members) so that the two areas work well with each other. There were other issues with Addiction and Substance Abuse as well.

New pages on Christian Recovery, "Powerless" controversy in addiction treatment, demographic issues with twelve step effectiveness, as well as significant revision in related pages. (for Members; Intro pages for non-members pending)

We are have added new way to identify the schools and program most attractive among the clients we and similar referring professionals work with. Schools and Programs Most in Play.  Families and other professionals doing a quick search will find that section very helpful. This addition is now completed but we expect to add some additional categories and some additional schools and programs.  Readers are invited to suggest additional names of programs for that section. 

We have added reviews based on our Summer 2017 travel to North Carolina.

Please read our full disclaimer. You are responsible for verifying our information before acting on it.

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Last Update January 16, 2018

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