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Virtual Consultant is the Online Therapeutic Consulting Service for minimal cost guided by one of the most experienced therapeutic consultants in the business.  We are a therapeutic consulting firm. People usually contact us when local resources aren't enough.

FamilyLight continues to offer more traditional consulting services in  person in our special style. 

  • If you want to get a succinct look at how we can become your consultant interacting on-line for $25 per month click here. We can be your primary source of guidance or a second opinion.
  • For a more complete explanation of Virtual Consultant, click here.
  • For information about our traditional in-person consulting, click here.
  • If you represent a school or program to which we might refer, click here.
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Let the Internet be your consultant. For USD $25.00 per month you have unlimited access to our online guidance in planning for a family member and search for a therapeutic facility.  This includes ability to ask questions of our experienced Educational/ Therapeutic consultant. While we expect to raise that price at some time in the foreseeable future, we guarantee that the price you pay when you join will stay the same for you for at least a year even if the price is raised for new subscribers during that time. We hope to extend that so it is the same for as long as you remain a member. We guarantee that for a year.

Educational/ Therapeutic consulting is one of the few professions that discourages second opinions. We think that is wrong. If  you have engaged a private consultant, you may also use this website to see other thoughts on the matter. (If you use this website as your principal guide, we encourage you to seek information from other sources as well. Especially,  take us seriously in those cases where we express an opinion AND tell you that other consultants we respectfully disagree with.)

We know that most families seeking a private placement for a person with a need for therapeutic services turn to the Internet to research what is available and to find the best choice for their family. We are trying to provide a means for those families to perform that task themselves with the expertise of a professional consultant and some help from the Internet. For a detailed account of how this works please look at  Virtual Consultant. (If you like to memorize URLs, this also takes you there: virtual-consultant.org.  That is probably easier to remember than the actual URL. While we are thinking of easy to remember URLs, bit.ly/FamilyLight will bring you back to this page. Unlike most URLs, this one is case sensitive.)

If you represent a school, therapeutic program or other provider we suggest you to go to  "Program Rep's page" for school/ program representatives before you go to Virtual Consultant. (The rest of you may go there too, if you are curious)

If you are an Educational/  Therapeutic Consultant with limited experience in therapeutic consulting, please feel free to join us. We will coach you through your tough cases. Same price. That may change in the future, but for now that holds.

Note: The following warning is being moved to our new Warnings and Warnings -- Introduction pages. This particular warning will remain available to the general public on the Introduction page. It will be removed here.

Warning:  Most "guides" to schools and programs on the Internet are actually marketing fronts for the programs to which they will refer you (as are "free" or "no fee" consultants). We were contacted by a company operating more than a dozen such websites. They wanted to buy this website. That company is a marketing company that contracts with schools and programs to find people to enroll. Some of these marketing companies are very elaborate operations. Others are "Mom 'n' Pop shops." Many have their own staff on phone lines at toll free numbers giving advice. And it is all free. That can only mean one thing.  Someone else is paying the bill. That means that these people are on commission. They are being paid by someone. Ultimately, that is the program seeking referrals.  Whether that is a website operated by the company operating that program or freelance individuals on the phone or there is a marketing company in the middle, these services are being paid to direct people to the programs that pay the bill, not to the best choice programs.

We recall one person who started a not for profit organization and then billed herself as a "free" consultant. She started guiding families to certain programs.  When the referral was complete, she would then solicit a "donation" from that program. If the school/ program donated, she would keep referring. If not she stopped referring.

In most cases, "free" assistance is only out to help the programs to which they refer whether or not that is the best choice for the family at issue.

Please note that we accept no advertising and disclose conflicts of interest when they occur. Most pages restricted to members have a corresponding Introduction page open to the public. These pages will give non-member readers an indication of what is on the corresponding page only for members. This may help people to decide whether the corresponding page contains information worth purchasing.

We will offer free access  on a rotating basis, to some pages that are normally Subscribers/ Members.  Usually this will consist of one program review and one article on a topic of interest to families who use our website.

Current free offer:

Please read our full disclaimer. You are responsible for verifying our information before acting on it. 

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