Meeting Special Needs

We are a therapeutic consulting firm.  We are here to serve families struggling with a behavioral, psychological, or an emotional challenge of a family member. Our job is to support and guide your family as you address that challenge through in the most caring and effective way possible. Our lead consultant, Tom Croke, has almost fifty years of experience in guiding families through these kinds of challenges.

We have two formats in in the way we serve our clients. Traditionally we provide the most intensive personal service of this kind.  Educational and therapeutic consultants generally recommend specific schools and programs.  Of course we do that too.  We also coach the families through the emotionally trying process.  We stay involved with those who are referred to keep referral points accountable.  Our fees are no more than many other consulting firms which only give a list of recommended referrals and then consider themselves done.

For those who want to  apply their own do-it-yourself skills, we are developing Virtual Consultant.  For a nominal fee we offer much of our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Here we share a great deal of our unique understanding of what works and what does not work.

Key Areas of "Meeting Special Needs"  (what follows will be changing gradually as the New Format gradually replaces the old):

Home (Old Format)     Very little remains there.

Home (New Format) 

Individual Services (Old Format)   -- Link goes to old format page of that name.  How to engage us, our procedures, documents you need, etc.  Anything of interest to people thinking of engaging us.

Individual Services of FamilyLight  (New Format)  -- Link goes to New Format page of that name.   As of this date, very little of information has been transferred to the new format.  For now, you will get best information from the Old Format pages, above.

Programs and More  --  Link goes to New Format Index page of that name.  Corresponding Old Format "Programs and More" lead page is linked there.   Much information has been transferred from the Old Format to the New Format. In addition, many new pieces of information that would have been under "Programs and More" in the tree structure of the website are now being placed under "Virtual Consultant."  However we believe the links we are installing will help you get to the right place whether you start out with  this page, "Programs and More," "Virtual Consultant," or something else. 

Professional Interest  -- Link goes to Old Format page of that name

About Us -- Link goes to New Format page of that name

Contact Us  -- Link goes to New Format page of that name

Site Map -- Link goes to Old Format page of that name.  Limited site map of Old Format only.

Several pages on this website tell part of the story "About" FamilyLight and Virtual Consultant. Our original expectation when we started the "New Format" of this website was that would continue the organization of the website from the old format.  But as we grew, we came to realize that this organization was confusing to our readers. Our problem:  if we try to re-do this completely, we break links that are important.  Our solution:  Create new pages where they will help to make this website more user friendly. This solution creates redundancy.  The following links go to pages that might also be thought of as "about" pages:

This page (Meeting Special Needs)  was originally intended to transition from the Old Format to the New Format. If you relied on the Old Format and understood how it worked you will find this helpful. If you are new to the website, we think Consultant Services and Virtual Consultant might be the most informative pages for you as you become acquainted with us.

About Us puts emphasis on the history of Family Light.

About holds very general information.  Much of what is on that page is duplicated here.  The page linked here was created so that readers would have have "about" information linked from horizontal menu across the top of every page.  The page you are on was here first, reflecting the original organization of the New Format website, following the pattern of the Old Format.

Consultant Services This page gives a brief overview of our in-person consulting service along with links that give further detail.  If you are considering in-person consulting, we urge you to read that page and pages linked at that bottom of that page.

Home   Very general introduction to the websites(s) and our practice.

Virtual Consultant If you want either to do a "do it yourself" approach to getting help for a loved one but also tap into our knowledge, or supplement professional advice as you attempt to resolve the issues of a family member, this page gives you a detailed outline of what we have to offer those who use only our online services and what we plan for the future. 

Organization of these Websites  This is about the websites themselves -- not about the contents or our consulting work.

Last updated April 22, 2017

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