Meeting Special Needs

This section,  and our Virtual Consultant area  are where you will find the main content of the new format website entries, both Public Content Area  and Members' Area. The original website is still publicly accessible in the Old Format area.  Gradually, old Format information will be moved to the New Format but it will take a long time.

This section of the New Format is an extension of the Old Format Public Content area of the website.  It includes information that extends (and sometimes repeats and/or relocates)  our historic content.  The menu for the original website appears at the left in the box currently headed "Old Format Menu."  when you are looking in the Old Format area the menu is on the left side of those pages as well.  In both cases pages which are where readers are most likely to want to go next are at the bottom of each page.    For more detail on navigating the website, see "Navigating this Website"

This area, (meaning this page and those to which this is a "parent" page) contains all information of the kind we historically included in the Old Format website, including how to do business with us if you want private consultant services. Information about doing business with us will remain fully accessible to the public, membership not required. Information that is relevant to Virtual Consultant Clients and to our historic following on the Old Format will be linked both under this page AND under Virtual Consultant.  School/ program reviews and key discussion topics will be linked both ways and most new entries of those kinds will be restricted to paid Members, although each such page will have a publicly accessible introduction.

The Navigation structure (tree directory structure) of the old format area is fully duplicated here in this section of the New Format.

Key Areas of "Meeting Special Needs"  (what follows will be changing gradually as the New Format gradually replaces the old):

Home (Old Format)     Very little remains there.

Home (New Format) 

Individual Services (Old Format)   -- Link goes to old format page of that name.  How to engage us, our procedures, documents you need, etc.  Anything of interest to people thinking of engaging us.

Individual Services of FamilyLight  (New Format)  -- Link goes to New Format page of that name.   As of this date, very little of information has been transferred to the new format.  For now, you will get best information from the old format pages, above.

Programs and More  --  Link goes to New Format Index page of that name.  Corresponding Old Format "Programs and More" lead page is linked there.   Information has begun to be transferred especially in "Program Reviews" and "Topics of Interest."  The Old Format website remains rich with information of interest to families seeking to help a loved one with special needs.  Some of this will be better developed under Virtual Consultant but links will guide you to the information you seek.  

Professional Interest  -- Link goes to old format page of that name   (but this may soon change)

About Us -- Link goes to new format page of that name

Contact Us  -- Link goes to New Format page of that name  (recent change)

Site Map -- Link goes to old format page of that name.  Limited site map of Old format only.

Last updated March 15, 2016

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