Parent Coaching

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Parent Coaching can be a major part of our job, and unlike many other consulting firms, we include it in your base fee. This can be relevant in a number of different situations.  The families who need parent coaching are trending (May 2016) to become a larger portion of our client make-up that has been true in the past.  A wide range of circumstances and situations call for parent coaching. for example:

  • Intervention Situations
  • Home Contract Situations
  • Support while son or daughter is in a residential situation

While it is very true that most of our clients are contemplating residential placement when they contact us, some are not, and sometimes we discourage or delay residential placement even when that was the family's initial intent. When the son or daughter of concern remains at home, and sometime even when the son or daughter is in a residential setting a major part of our task becomes parent coaching.


In addition, many families continue to need parent coaching after their son or daughter enters a residential placement.

In these situations, our pledge to make unlimited time available for the duration of our service agreement period becomes very important. What we do with each family differs, one from another, so it is very difficult to generalize on procedure.

Please read our full disclaimer. You are responsible for verifying our information before acting on it.

Last Update May 13, 2016

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