Quick Approach to Understanding Our Comprehensive Service

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Quick approach to understanding our comprehensive package:  We are attempting to provide as much information as possible for those who want to browse casually or research thoroughly. Some people want or need to get a clear picture of our comprehensive package very quickly of who we are and what we do.  Those people will find the information in this box helpful.

There is certain information you need to understand and certain items you need to have in order to work with us.  You need to understand completely the information in the following links:

You need to obtain and in most cases complete and fax back to us all of  the following:

  • Service Agreement (this download provides you with our standard language but also includes blanks.  We suggest you read this to know our standard language, but we further suggest that you allow us to send you a copy with the blanks filled in based upon your individual situation.  Please phone us to discuss this rather than just returning the download.)
  • Authorization To Release Information
  • Checklist for the Home Visit  
  • FamilyLight Fact Sheet
  • Credit Card Authorization (Only for families responsible for financing airfare for consultant. All other payments to FamilyLight go through PayPal. For your protection, only they hold your credit card information. To access PayPal Payment system click here.

In addition, you need to phone FamilyLight for a rate quotation and an initial conversation with our consultant to be sure we are able to respond to your needs.  Contact information.

Remember:  All parties to custody of a minor child who will be the subject of the consultation need to be offered the opportunity to participate in the process.  This includes both parents, including divorced or separated parents who have not shown an interest in the child, unless there  is a specific court order denying custody to that parent.  We do not in all cases need the agreement of a party to custody who did not originate our involvement but we must offer that person the opportunity to participate.  This is a matter of law; we or any other consultant can be charged with "Interference in custody" in most states if this is not adhered to rigorously.  If the subject is a young adult, we need may need the participation of all with a parental interest and relationship to the person of concern. Unlike working with a minor, this is not a legal issue but may be a matter of some discussion.

Our work with clients is a process of dialog.  Do not expect a telegraphic response at or immediately after our home visit.  We normally can effect a short term placement of a minor within 48 hours or less of a home visit when safety issues are involved, or in extreme situations, prior to a home visit.  We will begin an active planning process with you at the home visit, and usually provide a sense of direction immediately.   For some families, making a referral within a very short time following our home visit is all that is asked of us, although much more frequently our families expect us to guide them through a more complex process;  Most families want direction for placement or other effective intervention quickly, but continue active dialog with us for the six months (or longer) that the family is under contract with us.

You will gain a better understanding of who we are, and how and why we do what we do by exploring our web site more thoroughly than this "quick approach."

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Please read our full disclaimer. You are responsible for verifying our information before acting on it.

Anyone  can write anything about anyone on the web. Usual legal remedies for defamation, slander, and libel do not work so well regarding postings on the web.  

If you see troubling information about a school or program or a professional, call  the organization or person being attacked to learn what they have so say.  The person you call will appreciate the call.  After you have heard all sides make your decision. If you just avoid services under attack without checking it out, you may miss a great opportunity.  Decisions are best made by considering multiple opinions.  That is true even where our opinions are at issue. You will note that when we know of credible people disagreeing with our opinion we often point that out on this website.

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