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This page is (in cyber language) the "parent page" to the areas of this website that focus on helping families to get information on the schools and programs in order to find one that meets their needs.  Because these areas also fit the heading of "Virtual Consultant" you  will find extensive links back and forth between the two areas. This page continues the organization of the Old Format website. This sentence links the matching page in the old format.  "Virtual Consultant" is organized entirely differently.  This is part of our process in developing the indispensable online guide to services to families with members, especially children, teens, and young adults who face extra challenges.

We are still in the very gradual transition from the old format to the new.  Therefore we strongly encourage readers of this page also to see the matching old format page.

Tom Croke, our consultant says, "Many people have suggested that I  write a book based upon my experience.  This is the book. You see it as it is being written."

To get direction on how to approach the task of searching for a school or program, click on Search Guide  (Old Format) and Planning Approach (New Format).  Here we have suggestions  for parents who want to become consumers of the services that are our concern here.  These pages are still in development. They are more helpful than yesterday, but not as good as they will be tomorrow.  Future updates will be only on the New Format (Planning Approach) page.

Within Search Guide, we call specific attention to our Guidelines by which we evaluate schools and programs. .  We strongly urge people seeking services without a consultant to pay close attention to our guidelines section.  These will help you to determine what is a good program.  As we move toward accepting payment for access to parts of this website, much of our Guidelines section will be moved to the pay-for-access section of this website.

A secondary issue is to help parents to understand how much is involved making these decisions effectively to get the results that are desired. When this website is fully developed, and it is not there yet, we sincerely hope and expect that there will be sufficient guidance to permit a parent, or even a new professional coming into this line of work,  to develop a plan and purchase services wisely just on the basis of what is on this website and the other websites to which we link.

This page in the New Format is still being developed.   Search Guide, Program Reviews, and Topics of Interest are under development in the New format.  Other areas of concern under this heading are still accessed in the Old Format

Please read our full disclaimer. You are responsible for verifying our information before acting on it.

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Last updated February 1, 2016

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