Reviews and Discussion of Individual Schools and Programs

This page contains links to all active reviews in both the old format and the new.  

We currently publish  new reviews of schools and programs in the new format  area. If we have a review in the old format we believe is still relevant, and it has not been updated in the new format, the link on this page goes to the old format. The index of old reviews in the old format is now obsolete and is retained in the old format for archival purposes only.

Limited reviews with no currently relevant information in the old format and archived reviews of schools and programs now closed are not listed here, but are indexed in our comprehensive index.   Recently closed programs reviewed in the new format will remain listed here for several months.  (Actually, we are still deciding what to do with them)

Complete new reviews are only accessible to paid members, although an "introduction" to those reviews is available to the public.

We have also  developed a separate comprehensive index of all schools, programs, services, and other entities.  This index is intended to include all  schools, programs and relevant other organizations that serve families looking for information about non-local resources for a person with special needs other than or in addition to learning issues, where families rather than government agencies are responsible  for payment.  If we are uncertain about whether school or program strictly fits that definition, we have included it.

If you are considering a school or program that is not listed in our Index, you need to think twice about why it is not. Programs that are willing to be accountable want us to notice them.  Programs and schools that are not visible to us have probably are getting business by questionable means, usually based on recommendations from people who are being paid to recommend them.  These people may be masquerading as neutral consultants or even as parents of kids who have been in these programs.

Paid members who have a question about any of the schools and programs listed here that do not yet have a review are encouraged to use the comment box below to ask  your question.

Current reviews (click on program name to go to either the review or introduction to the review. If the review is restricted to paid members, the link goes to an introduction, open to the general public. In the Introductions in the New Format, a link to the page with more information for paid members will be available at the bottom of the corresponding Introduction page.

(Accepts over age 11 but primarily middle school age group -- See Pre-Adolescent Resources Most in Play) If the word "Search" appears, then that school or program has been entered into our search function and clicking on the word "search" will take members only only to the search post for that function).

Names below with no links are in the queue to have a review or other comment entered in the near future.

  • M=Member Access only
  • P=Public Access
  • A=Archived, not current.
  • S=Search Post --Members' only
  • IN=Introduction to a review if current; very limited review if old -- Public Access
  • RM=Review -- Members' only access.
  • RP=Review -- Public Access
  • EXP=Explanation


Individual programs:

Index of all schools,  programs, and other entities related to the FamilyLight area of interest.

Major Provider Organizations  --  Old Format Area   (For Archival purposes only.  Complete listings are in New Format)

Major Provider Organizations -- New Format  Area     (Now completed, Comprehensive Listings, publicly accessible)

Schools and Programs most in Play  (Intro page)       

Schools and Programs most in Play  (Members' page)       

See also Individual Programs (archive) in the Old format website.  This page is no longer being updated.  We show it for Archival purposes only.

Last updated June 27, 2019

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