Asheville Academy — Introduction

Black Mountain, North Carolina (Weaverville North Carolina prior to January 2017)

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This is a therapeutic boarding school focused on middle school age girls.

At one time, Asheville Academy and Solstice East shared an Executive Director.  Asheville Academy has no remaining connection with the Solstice programs except that they are all FHW programs and Solstice East and Asheville Academy obtain their educational services through Timbersong Academy.

Some history: After Solstice East and Asheville Academy had time to get to know each other, the executive director of Solstice East became simultaneously the executive director of Asheville Academy. At that time the executive director of Asheville Academy became the head of Timbersong  Academy, the academic operation for both Solstice East and Asheville Academy. In addition to that confusion, the Solstice group within FHW plans to open an adolescent boys' program in January 2017 at Bat Cave, North Carolina, directed by Solstice co-founder Kyle Gillett, who has been been the founding director of Solstice East and more recently also the executive director of Asheville Academy. Then even more recently Catherine "Cat" Jennings, the founding director of New Leaf of North Carolina, Lake House, and Asheville Academy, returned to Asheville Academy as executive director.

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