Aspiro Wilderness Adventure Therapy (Adolescent) — Introduction

This is the basic Aspiro wilderness program for adolescents in general.  It targets broadly those kinds of adolescent issues commonly addressed in adolescent wilderness programs.  We are not aware of a specific name for this program other than simply “Aspiro.”  This program distinguishes itself from other wilderness programs in its effort to maintain a sense of being based on recreational activities that appeal to this age group.   Some students who have some symptoms that might suggest placement in Vantage Point (see below) but are very high functioning might do well in this program with neurotypical peers.

Meeting with the staff of this program on November 17, 2014, clearly they believed they were effective in working with the highly oppositional and manipulative teenager that we as consultants tend to see as candidates for tougher programs.

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Last update December 17, 2014

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