Benchmark Transitions — Introduction

Redlands California
Yucaipa, California
Oak Glen, Yucaipa, California

Benchmark is one of the oldest and best established young adult programs, at a time when young adult program are proliferating. It started out in 1993 to be a fairly small transition program for young adults, strongly influenced both by the Emotional Growth Movement  and Twelve Step Recovery.  When it started, it had leased space in an apartment complex, and an education center where Benchmark residents would spend much of their days -- until they were ready to interact more with the larger community around them.

Benchmark has always been growth oriented and well prepared to update as they learned from experience and from research. In its early days Benchmark did not provide psychotherapy from licensed clinicians, although Benchmark did from the very beginning help students and their families to connect with therapists in the surrounding community. That has progressed to a highly sophisticated continuum of service from the primary treatment through various stages of stepping down the level of restriction and programmatic intensity, generally covered by insurance.

Wildwood Canyon and Panorama Ridge are Benchmark's primary treatment facilities for students who need Primary Treatment services.

This program is also one of the most misunderstood.  Too many referring professionals tell us that they think of Benchmark as only for  lower functioning young people. We profoundly disagree. We do note that they have services appropriate to a person who does not plan on college education, but their mainstay is students clearly headed for higher education, and usually enrolling in local colleges while at Benchmark.

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2009 review of Benchmark Transitions

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Last updated November 3, 2017

2 thoughts on “Benchmark Transitions — Introduction

  1. My 25 year old son checked in to Benchmark Transitions this past Thursday 2/25. My first impression is extremely positive. I was introduced to everyone who will be involved in my son’s treatment. I was given a tour of the facility and his schedule of treatment was discussed. The next day I received a phone call from my son and one of his mentors. I also received an email with information pertaining to the Family Bridge, a portal where parents and family members can write to their loved one at Benchmark. I see photos of my son enjoying hiking and positive activities with his peer group. It is so important to me that I am “in the loop” and know what is happening with my son (even if he is an adult at 25). He had gone to another rehab last year and that experience was very different. Though we had an appointment, we were kept waiting for hours. I was never introduced to the staff, the program was never discussed. I was told that I could not see the rooms. They seemed disorganized and overwhelmed. Benchmark does feel warm, caring and like a family. The 18-25 age group is perfect for us. Aside from addiction recovery, my son is learning vocational, educational and life skills (such as money management, career counseling). I will post again after 6 months. So far, I feel optimistic and relieved.

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