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This will not be a full review at this time. This is a discussion page.  We hope for response from readers.

Boys Town is the very much updated version of Father Flanagan's Boys' Home.   It began in 1917 as a Roman Catholic orphanage for boys. Today it is multifaceted organization providing a wide variety of services for boys and girls in need ranging from housing for children who cannot be in their own homes but are otherwise within normal limits in all aspects to both unsecured and secured RTC level care, along with a national hotline for parents and  housing for children removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect.  

We have great respect for Boys Town but have not examined it closely enough for a full review.  We anticipate that services will be competently managed, safe, and up to objective standards of care delivery for the service in question.  Because Boys Town is largely supported by endowment and charitable contributions it does not depend upon revenue from parents who function like customers of a business.  Individual parents can place their own children at Boys Town whether the need is simply for structured housing or more specifically therapeutic services such as the RTC level programming.

Residents at Boys Town live in family style residences, headed by houseparents, in order to minimize any sense of institutional living and promote normalization.  Some have claimed that the Teaching Family Model originated at Boys Town. Whether it did or did not, we see many similarities between programs that use the Teaching Family Model and the way Boys Town houses and guides its residents.

Boys Town does not publicize this, but usually reliable sources have told us that Boys Town operates a few houses specifically designated for children placed by parents accepting total financial responsibility for those children.  All families who might benefit from what Boys Town offers should inquire at Boys Town Admission. If the child's needs match what Boys Town offers then you will work out what financial commitment will be needed to complete the admission.  Boys Town will want to see a detailed financial statement.  It is their intention to ensure that no one is turned away over finances.

Please read our full disclaimer. You are responsible for verifying our information before acting on it.

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Last Updated November 20, 2015