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This is not a review.  The information which follows was provided as presented here by the management of Beyond the Reef.  Although we have no reason to doubt its accuracy, FamilyLight has not verified the accuracy of what is here.  This is the same organization that operates Coral Reef Academy, That organization holds copyright on the information below. Reproduction requires their permission, not ours. 



Our unique Transitional Living Program based on the Pacific island of Samoa comprises of supporting and therapeutically living that is blended with work or studies and the unique Polynesian cultural experience.

Our vision for Beyond the Reef is “Testing the surging oceans of life while recovering and achieving healthy life goals.”

While staying in BTR each resident has an individual plan scheduled with his clinician. This includes therapy, work, sport, academic goals and the life skills to be developed and the quality relaxing experience of living on an island.

Daily experience: (Shared home with responsibilities)

Every day starts between 6 and 8 am with a morning briefing with the person in charge (house parent) who provides support living in the house 24/7 with other residents.

Weekdays starts with hygiene and making up own rooms followed by breakfast. Weekends start later with a little bit more time to sleep in. From Monday to Friday residents work half or full-time at local businesses, that might include a radio station, a newspaper office, a restaurant or a tropical farm. Some may choose to study; starting or continuing their school work online or attend one of the local universities: The University of South Pacific (USP), The National University of Sāmoa (NUS) and the Australian Pacific Technical College (APTC). BTR provides help finding placement for work or studies and individual tutoring.

Lunch around the workplace gives the opportunity to mingle with locals and to try the local cuisine. Residents are encouraged to use all the necessary equipment provided in the TL house kitchen to train their cooking skills and to test the local tropical fruit and seafood markets. Western style food is available in various restaurants, outlets and stores. Weekly grocery shopping is organized with the local chef driving between stores and providing advice.

Daily touchstone between 6 and 8 pm is the time for meeting all the residents of the TL house and prepare dinner. The night curfew is set for 10 pm during the week and at midnight on weekends. Afternoons and evenings are divided to sports or other activities requested by the resident. Gym, fitness, yoga, golf, swimming dancing and all sorts of team sport facilities are available within a couple minutes drive from the TL house. Residents can also learn to drive, and gain experience in obtaining a local driving license. The Aqua Samoa is the largest local water sports facility. It currently provides BTR with work placements or professional certified training in snorkeling and diving. One of our current residents is completing a Master Diver’s Certification, which is a universally recognized certification.

The Therapy

The work placement, academic experience, recovery and development of successful social adjustment that we offer at BTR, are supported by a wide range of therapeutic work. Each resident is provided with a weekly hour-long individual session. Therapeutic and addiction groups are also offered weekly. Attendance at the local Pacific branch of AA meetings is encouraged. The TL community of the residents and attentive and dedicated clinical staff on site provide intensive and supportive therapeutic experience whenever required. This runs simultaneously with coaching and training of independent living skills (e.g. planning spending, paying bills, establishing and keeping healthy relations, self-management and social skills)

The overall progress in the BTR requires residents to comply with individual goals and the BTR rules. Their commitment to these goals and performance according to their work, academics or sobriety and positive social behaviors or self-conduct regulates weekly wages. The progress is reviewed weekly, based on feedback. BTR keeps in touch with the employers, coaches and academic institutions in order to ensure consistency of each resident’s commitment towards their recovery and growth safety. Time and money management skills training assist residents to develop self-confidence, which improves daily performance at school, work and the community. Anger management provided allows the residents to enjoy the bliss and the simplicity of the paradise island living. The BTR and its community welcome young adults struggling with addictions, anger, anxiety, social adjustment, conduct and mild developmental disorders.


The purposes of the orientation process are:

  • To allow the new resident to adjust to the local climate;
  • To allow the new resident to learn BTR house rules;
  • To allow the new resident to meet his fellow  BTR residents;
  • To allow the new resident to set his own goals and schedule;
  • To allow the new resident to explore the island with the help of BTR residents and staff.

Before arrival the new BTR resident can obtain all the information he might need before leaving home from staff and residents at BTR. The Team would provide supportive advice on what equipment; clothing and any other necessities are available on the island and what should be brought from home. If the resident requires medications, it should be arranged before leaving for Samoa. Online contact with the doctor is available during the whole stay as well as reliable local health services.

Matters to be organized before arrival:

-    Prescription medications

-    Medical conditions that need to be attended during the stay

-    Diet

-    Sports equipment

-    Appropriate clothing

-    Documents from the previous treatments

-    Educational expectations (transcripts from previous educational providers if needed)

-    Work experience expectations

During the initial 2-3 weeks the new residents are provided with the opportunity to explore the closest neighborhoods and travel around the island accompanied by his BTR peers. The initial interview will be carried out that time to clarify the new resident's goals and expectations. This will also help him understand BTR rules. BTR will then help and mediate to find a job and community services opportunities that might interest the new resident. If needed, this will also be the time when contact with any educational services providers is established, as required by the new resident and his family. Local authorities require medical checks to be carried out on the arrival for visa and immigration purposes.


University of the South Pacific

The premier university in the Pacific Region provides a variety of studies at Bachelors, Masters and Doctorates level recognized internationally on faculties of arts, law, education, business and economics, science, technology and environment.

National University of Samoa

Samoan local university beside regular studies it has its own Centre for Samoan   Studies.

Australia-Pacific Technical College

APTC consists of two schools located among others countries in the Region also in Samoa. School of Trades and Technology and School of Hospitality and Community Services granting its students certificates and diplomas in professional cookery, hospitality, engineering, plumbing, children’s and health assistance services as well as many others

The BTR and CRA have a successful history of providing its students and residents with interesting and productive work experience and community services:

  • The Samoan Red Cross Society - charity
  • The Samoan Victim Support Group - charity
  • Local, Asian and Western cuisine restaurants
  • Aqua Samoa - professional water Sports Company providing internationally certified training in professional diving and tourist snorkelin
  • Samoan retail store
  • Samoan crafts and arts
  • Car workshops
  • Schools for children's with disabilities

Studies and work are expected to render the BTR resident the opportunity to commit himself in constructive activities, to gain professional experience and to learn and exercise effective and positive social skills.

This is not a review.  The information above was provided as presented here by the management of Beyond the Reef.  Although we have no reason to doubt its accuracy, FamilyLight has not verified the accuracy of what is here.  This is the same organization that operates Coral Reef Academy, That organization holds copyright on the information below. Reproduction requires their permission, not ours.

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