Carlbrook School (Introduction)

We are sad to report that Carlbrook School has advised us that they are closing permanently.

Family Light believes that Carlbrook School is one of the best examples of a therapeutic school should be.  This ironic in a sense because initially Carlbrook avoided identifying itself as a therapeutic school, and some remnants of that still appear.  It is also true that Carlbrook limits its enrollment to students of excellent academic potential. For those with great academic potential, education at Carlbrook rivals the very best private boarding schools in the country that do not include a therapeutic element.  More about that for members in the full review.

We have also recommended to Carlbrook that they apply for and obtain Joint Commission accreditation after informing the Joint Commission of past allegations.

We do have some reluctance to refer a student with learning issues and do not believe Carlbrook is appropriate for a student with a slow processing issue.  You will find specific information on our point of view on this by going to the full review. If you do that, you will also find a response from Carlbrook explaining their point of view. The detailed review is accessible only to members

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Last updated December 14, 2015

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