Cedar Ridge Academy — Introduction

Notice: Since writing this in December 2014 and updated in  February 2015, we have been notified that Cedar Ridge Academy has upgraded its license to "Residential Treatment Center."  We understand that costs and charges and basics of the therapeutic, educational, and residential services remain as they were. Note added November 21, 2015.

Cedar Ridge Academy is one of only three therapeutic boarding schools in Utah (based upon Utah licensing regulations). At $6500 per month plus initial enrollment fee (as of December, 2014) this is a true bargain that is a reasonable alternative for families who are considering an RTC placement, but are simply not willing or able to pay the costs of those programs. This is designed for relatively "soft" adolescents, especially  those with social anxiety and/or trauma.  This is NOT a facility for kids with major conduct disorder, delinquency, or major substance abuse issues.  This might surprise people who were familiar with Cedar Ridge Academy ten years ago (2004-2005), as then this was a facility that served some really tough and hardcore teens.  That simply is a change of program identity.

There is much to like about Cedar Ridge Academy, but we do have one area of concern.  That is their approach to substance abuse and addiction, which is based upon a curriculum reflecting the concept of Dr. Lance Dodes.

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Last Update February 16, 2015; Notice at top of page added November 21, 2015

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