Foundations Asheville — Introduction

Asheville North Carolina

Foundations Asheville is a transition program for young men who are not meeting age level expectations, especially in education, as they attained the age usually associated with post high school vocational training or college education. Their clients are young men who are sincerely motivated to succeed in making that transition and open to the help this program will offer. We do not mean to rule out admission of young men whose motivation arises in whole or in part from external pressures, but for this to be a successful endeavor, the motivation must be real.

(This page refers to "young men" consistently, because at this time (September 2017) Foundations Asheville is male only. We have encountered suggestions that they are likely to add a female house soon. If and when that happens, we apparently will need to revise this page.)

To get a complete review of Foundations Asheville it is important to see the review of the Trails Group in addition to the pages specific to Foundations.

Foundations Asheville is founded, owned, and managed by the same people who founded and now manage Trails Carolina and is part of what we call the Trails Group of Programs.  For more information to to our Full Review:

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