Allynwood Academy — Introduction

Hancock New York

On July 31, 2014, Allynwood announced closing as of August 8, 2014

As of November, 2013, Family Foundation School is changing its name to Allynwood Academy and  upgrading its services.   We will be updating our review accordingly.

We at FamilyLight are particularly proud that many of the recommendations we offered when we reviewed Family Foundation School are being implemented as the new Allynwood services are phased in.  We do not claim that it is because of our recommendations being published; we now know this was already in the works.   We congratulate the faculty, staff, and students of the new Allynwood Academy, along with the Argiros family, on the launch of the new Allynwood.

As of this date our reviews of Family Foundation School are as they were written before the transition to Allynwood Academy came to our attention.   Additions of the Allynwood name and references to the improved program will be added gradually.

Our review of Family Foundation School in the Members' Area is perhaps the most detailed we have done on any school or program. Because of the Internet attack, which we think is combination of exaggerations, half truths, and references to past practices long abandoned but which were widely accepted at the time, we believe the special attention was warranted. We have gone into depth to describe what the facts are today and to analyze the criticisms.

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Last updated August 2, 2014.

2 thoughts on “Allynwood Academy — Introduction

  1. Half truths? Exaggerations? References to past practices? You should have been a student (prisoner?) there. You have no idea how in depth their mental and physical abuse tactics are! There was and still is staff there who have no business being in the roles they are. Of course they cleaned their act up while somebody was there investigating! I witnessed that every time a prospective “student’s” parents would visit! Table topics were all of a sudden non-verbally abusive, the staff would put on their best behavior and not scream at the kids. I hope they do make changes, but to discredit the testimony of prior students while they do is inexcusable.

  2. We stick by our description. Too many other alumni have supported our point of view and contradicted many of the criticisms on the web. Many say it wasn’t a fun place to be but they needed to be there. Others are much more positive about how they felt about it while there.

    Our strongest objection to the critics is that they appear to have no interest in promoting improvements, but are only out to destroy. In a private conversation with Brian Lombrowski, who was then speaking for CAFETY, he said that the only possible outcome he could support for Family Foundation School was its closure. I basically liked and respected Brian — he and I could agree on some things and disagree on others without being disagreeable. But there can be no question but what this school was created out of a motivation of caring for young people and that has continued among the owners and leaders in the school. You and I can disagree on whether they went about it the right way. But when we have that kind of motivation — so rare in a business dominated by the likes of Bain Capital and publicly traded Universal Health Systems — I won’t support an agenda of destruction.

    What you probably don’t know is that I have been at times one of Allynwood’s/ FFS’s sharpest critics, always with a goal of improvement, but never pulling punches. FFS did many things in the old days, including harsh confrontation (never hidden from anyone to my knowledge) that was then believed almost universally among people having success with FFS type population that these were necessary to saving lives. In 2014, we can see in hindsight that there were better ways. But responsible people don’t condemn their forebears for not knowing what the future would bring.

    Finally, Allynwood Academy has emerged in 2014 as one of the finest facilities of its kind by any fair description. Please hold them accountable. But let’s not deny a lifesaving opportunity for today and tomorrow based on alleged past events many of which did not happen, and others that were well-meaning even if misguided.

    This page is only an introduction. Read the rest of it to understand the FamilyLight position on this.

    Finally, Matt, thank you for sharing your views with FamilyLight readers.


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