Family Foundation School (Introduction)

See also Allynwood Academy    Family Foundation School is in the process of a name change along with significant program improvements. 

Family Foundation School, to us at FamilyLight, is a breath of fresh air. In the twenty some years we have known Family School it has transformed itself from a very tough, rigid, twelve step addiction recovery program, to a highly clinical Joint Commission Accredited program addressing a wide variety of clinical issues.  Yet with all the changes, several basic values do not change:  a motivation of caring and love driving the school, and sense of integrity and transparency unmatched in our experience.

If you have not seen Family Foundation School in the past two years, you have not seen Family Foundation School. It is one of two therapeutic schools we have become  comfortable referring a student to who really would be best served in a psychiatric RTC (Residential Treatment Center) or RTF (Residential Treatment Facility) whose parents could not afford that (the other is Montcalm School in Albion MI: arguably the same is true of Montana Academy and Carlbrook School). As recently as three years ago we would never have done that; as recently as one year ago we would have done it only in very rare and special situations. If you are reluctant about Family Foundation School for somewhat fragile, clinically complex adolescents, you need to see what Family Foundation School has become before reaching your decision, something we would not have said as recently as a year ago.

Family Foundation School has been challenged by a well organized small group of people, well publicized on the Internet, who are not concerned about quality improvement but are simply out to destroy.  For the most part this is a combination of outright false allegation, innuendo, and judging events of many years ago by todays standards.    For example they make a very big deal of their own success in triggering a state investigation of the school, but fail to mention that the investigation cleared the school of any wrongdoing, in particular clearing the school of any allegations of abuse.   The details of the state investigations reports and the school's response to those reports are on the school's website.

Our review of Family Foundation School in the Members' Area is perhaps the most detailed we have done on any school or program.   Because of the Internet attack, which we think is combination of exaggerations, half truths, and references to past practices long abandoned but which were widely accepted at the time, we believe the special attention was warranted.  We have gone into depth to describe what the facts are today and to analyze the criticisms. 

For the same reason, for the month of September, 2013, and perhaps a bit longer, we are removing access restrictions to this review and opening it to the public. 

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Last updated October 3, 2013.

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