Gateway Academy

Draper Utah (previously Salt Lake City, Utah)

This is a very limited review that we must expand.  But they are too good not to get some support from us before we have the opportunity to do a more complete review.  

A small, intimate setting with very high quality therapeutics. While Gateway has all the clinical firepower needed to fully qualify as a Residential Treatment Center (and is licensed as such), it takes education very seriously and functions more with the culture of a Therapeutic Boarding School.  Gateway is best suited for behaviorally softer boys, although they do not shy way from those who are quite complex clinically. Gateway seeks a diverse population, and we don't mean that just in a politically correct sense.  They want boys of different backgrounds, different issues, and different interest.

Gateway places heavy emphasis on outdoor adventure activity, although this is not a wilderness program. This program can work with boys with sexual issues. The staff and clinicians at Gateway are well qualified to deal with such issues.  A major difference between Gateway and Kaizen Academy for boys with sexual issues is that Kaizen includes only boys who have crossed boundaries sexually. This means that at Kaizen, it is probably initially easier for the boys to be open with each other about what has brought them to treatment.  At Gateway, the boys with sexual issues learn to interact with a much wider group of peers.

Gateway is a first class operation. It is small and intimate, with superb clinicians. It is very difficult to communicate in words what makes it so special. the only truly effective way to fully understand what makes this special is to see it in operation.


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