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Provo Utah

Heritage is a program that is radically different today from what it was prior to the year 2013. If you had dealings with Heritage and have formed impressions based upon what you saw then, you need to start over.  As some politician must have said, "push the reset button." Our current up to date review of Heritage is probably our most detailed on any program.

Heritage divides into eight gender specific "programs within a program." Each "program within a program" is gender specific, specific to over age fourteen and under fourteen, and either for those with social challenges similar to Autism Spectrum Disorder or for those who are neurotypical. That adds up to eight programs within a program. Students who are age fourteen will join an older group or a younger group based upon assessment of that student's need. The students live in residences of about ten to a residence that include only students from one of the "programs within a program." We say "about ten" because each residence is licensed for greater numbers than the Heritage management wants to place in each housing unit.  This provides flexibility.

Heritage now speaks of "Peers Academy" as the section of the program that serves the socially challenged students.  The programming for the neurotypical students, mostly with mood and anxiety disorders. Peers and Elevate each have their own clinical director and include four "programs within the program:" boys fourteen and younger, girls fourteen and younger, boys fourteen and older and girls fourteen and older.

Peers Academy is informed by the PEERS program at UCLA and is engaged in joint research with that group as they apply principles of the original PEERS program to a long term residential treatment.

Heritage has the spiritual support program (member access) that we think should define the standard for mental health programming.

We must disclose potential perceived conflict of interest. Our consultant, Tom Croke, served on the marketing staff at Heritage from 1990 through 1992.  That was a long time ago and he did not hesitate then or more recently to challenge Heritage when it failed to adhere to the relationship based treatment identity that it they hoped to achieve. But Tom's historic connection still needs to be disclosed.  We do have more information here than on other programs we have reviewed, because we know it better and know more about it.   

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Last updated July 24, 2016

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