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We have recently had a number of inquiries about our review of Innercept done several years ago.  The short answer is that the heart of our concerns has not changed, although we hear from credible third parties that some improvements may have occurred.   We reaffirm that this is a program with a design that we would like to see implemented in a quality way. The old review is accessible to members on a link from the full review page, along with a discussion of the issues.  Usually, older reviews originally in the old format, are kept available to the public. However this is a very special case.  Much of what is in that old review is still relevant, but with some words of caution.  We prefer that people influenced by our concerns also see some of our more recent considerations.

Our criticisms are never to do damage or force programs to close but are to encourage improvements and help families to avoid making mistakes.  We hope the day will come that we can see our way clear to remove our areas of concern and recommend Innercept  as the program it was designed to be.

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Last updated June 27, 2019

18 thoughts on “Innercept — Introduction

    • Are you willing to share your experience with me? Our daughter has been there 4 weeks & we now have grave concerns. Thanks

      • (Note: since this was published, we have changed “jampk528” “Dorothy DeKansas — a pseudonym. This was done at the authors request for consistency with other posts from the same author.)

        If you are asking jampk528, I have the email address (and yours). If you want me to email jampk528 with your email address so you can connect with each other, I can and will do so, but only after you specifically request that in your comments here.

        My response is that I have said most of what I could say. There is a little more in the FamilyLight Member Area, in the Full Review. You can get a little more by investing in a membership, but I don’t want to deceive you. What is there is not earthshaking.

        I have great confidence in owner Dr. Ulrich as a clinician. I do not have so much confidence in him as a manager and supervisor of a program. I do not believe he is intentionally dishonest. It has been a long time since I have had a close look at the operation, but when I did, I was not satisfied with goal setting or that the staff was sufficiently accountable and well managed that I could be confident that patients/ residents were being delivered the services they understood they should receive.

        Could this have improved without my knowledge? Yes. But Dr. Ulrich has been invited to use this space or more prominent space on this website to publicize any improvements at no cost to him. The door is open. He has not done it.

        Best of luck to you and your daughter.


        • the person that ask for details may contact me at my email address. I would be happy to give more details. if you would like more details on my response I would be happy to give them to you privatel

          • I will pass your email to Dorothy DeKansas. Note that “Jenny” and “jampk528” are writing from the same email address, so I assume that they are the same person.


        • Thomas, would very much like to discuss thoughts about our son going to Innercept of Youthcare. I read in your introduction for Innercept, your thoughts right now is not a good time to send a patient there with Bi-Polar, Aspergers, Acute depression,anxiety. Please advise.. Thanks Trey Hawkins

          • I really am not in a position to go much beyond what I have already written regarding Innercept. I have great respect for Andy Erkis as a consultant.

            When you are working with a consultant, I don’t think private communication between you and me is a good idea. If what you see here has caused you to have concerns about Mr. Erkis’s recommendations, you might discuss that fact with him and invite him to phone me. I will be happy to discuss my concerns with him, if he chooses to do that.


        • Jenny, as stated below, I would be interested in knowing about your experience with Innercept. Our Son has spot waiting for him in the coming couple of weeks and its my understanding this may not be a good fit for him as he has been diagnosed with Bi-Polar.

  1. I would like to know more about innercept as well. It has been suggested by our Son’s
    Doctors and erkis group that Innercept would be a good fit for him. Anyway I can touch
    Base with this contact above Jenny?

    Thanks for your help

  2. My son will be leaving Innercept soon. I do not believe the program served him well. One of my biggest issue is they allow residents to use e cigs with nicotine. If they do not use as allowed they take them away. This program should not allow nicotine products at all it is highly addictive although legal. They promote a healthy life style but allow this is seems like a contradiction to me.

    • This is in response to Chris Catt’s three comments.

      Many other programs serve the population that Innercept serves, but none we know of that offer precisely the same services. Since Innercept serves both under 18 and young adult, we would be talking about two different lists of programs. I can tell you that professional referral people we respect have told us that most of our criticisms of the day-to-day operation have been corrected. (None has tried to convince us that our criticisms and concerns were invalid when published) However we do not trust the management at Innercept to be accountable to families and referral sources.

      We have invited one of the referring professionals who has contacted us suggesting that our criticisms are not current to post her opinion on our website, but that has not occurred.

      As to the $27,000 non-refundable deposit, I can tell you that upfront non-refundable deposit of the cost of the first and last month of treatment is very common. This is usually done for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is to ensure that parents do not support a premature departure of the young person from treatment. Some require a larger deposit, but in those situations the real issue is to ensure the parents have the money to support treatment, but in that case we would hope some circumstances would lead to at least a partial refund.

      The service at Innercept which is hardest to replicate is potential for continuity of care to continue in case of hospitalization. When a potential Innercept client is one who is likely to need hospitalization in the process, Innercept may be a good choice despite all of this. But in that case we suggest you engage an educational consultant whose referrals support Dr. Ulrich needs. One task of that consultant needs to be close monitoring of the conduct of Dr. Ulrich and the Innercept staff. FamilyLight is not the appropriate consulting firm to do that job.

    • They really do mean NON refundable unless the 6 month minimum length of stay is achieved. I would steer as far away from this program as possible having been through the program as an adolescent and young adult

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