Intermountain — Introduction

If we had to name our half dozen favorite programs in the country, Intermountain will clearly on the list.

Intermountain, formerly known as Intermountain Children's Home, and before that, Intermountain Deaconess Home For Children, Inc., is one of our very favorites.

Intermountain is a treatment center for children, primarily preadolescent children. They advertise that they accept children from age 4 through age 13.  Our confidence in Intermountain is really about children who are clearly pre-adolescent at time of admission,  which is often not the case with a 13 year old.  It has  intensive services in a very warm and nurturing environment.  It is possibly the most nurturing environment we have encountered in any therapeutic facility.  Many programs speak of being relationship based and have every right to do so. But Intermountain carries this to a much greater depth than most other programs that are being completely honest in making that claim.

This page and the full review (for members) were revised in September, 2015, but we are waiting for an update from Intermountain, and may be be revised further when we hear from them. We have comments on Intermountain various places in the member section of this website.  Links to those locations are shown in the full review.

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