Journey Home and Journey Home East — Introduction

Layton Utah
Asheville North Carolina

Journey Home and Journey Home East are transition programs created by the management of Solstice and Solstice East to give young women completing a stay in an RTC an opportunity to apply what they learned in treatment to live in a supported but much less restrictive environment.  Although they were created with the needs of graduates of Solstice and Solstice East in mind, we understood from Solstice leadership that about 50% of their residents are graduates of other RTCs.

Journey Home (West) is in a contemporary suburban primarily residential area within walking distance of the original Solstice facility. Journey Home East is in a building near downtown Asheville that started out as a large private home. It is in a neighborhood that was once a very upscale residential neighborhood and now has many wellkept businesses in other converted homes.

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