Kaizen Academy — Introduction

In the interest of haste, we are currently pointing out that this is in many respects a re-branding of Birdseye RTC following a sale to a new consortium. Our initial sense is that the strengths of the Birdseye organization will continue. One intentional change in the clinical procedure is to be guided by Attachment Theory.  They have also enhanced their Risk Management program.  We are confident that the Kaizen folks are also assessing any weaknesses and problems in their past operations.

We plan to follow up with greater detail with Kaizen, but we do not anticipate major surprises. For now, we refer you to the information currently on our website regarding Birdseye. Eventually we will move all references to Kaizen Academy to pages with the Kaizen name.

By mentioning a desire to learn more before expanding this article, we do not intend to damn this group with faint praise.  What we are likely to find on closer inspection are some adjustments to minor details. We do not anticipate major changes other than those cited above.

Please read our full disclaimer. You are responsible for verifying our information before acting on it.

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Last Update June 12, 2016

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