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This is a very limited review that replaces our 2011 review.  Our 2011 review was not entirely complimentary.  While we still have some hesitations, we do not believe it is fair to Lake House to allow that review to stand by itself at this point without further investigation on our part. Our remaining "hesitations" are about questions, not answers.  We are also impressed with the quality of staff Lake House Academy is assembling,  including Susan Hardy, Jane Samuels, and Fotu Soliai.

Clearly  Lake House Academy has established itself as a credible operation respected by many professional referral services.

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4 thoughts on “Lake House Academy

  1. i was a student at lake house. for me, at least, it sucked. there have been so many rumors and things about what really happened at New Leaf and the beginning of “lha.” Since i’ve graduated, i’ve been to juvy and nothing is really going well. i think schools like these just cant help people when they go home from relapsing. oh well. i would love to read a new and updated interview.

    • Lindsay- I have a daughter who struggles. I found Dr. Greene, an expert who does not believe in punishment and reward systems, to be the best resource I have ever found.

      1. I would like to know if you were given punishments or “consequences” at Lake House Academy. If so, what were the consequences? Were they chores?
      2. I wonder if you think any adults who care about you could benefit from learning about non-punitive help for youth. the best resource I have ever found. Dr. Greene

      • The response from “I Care” refers to Dr. Ross Greene, an author we at FamilyLight highly respect. I don’t think it is entirely accurate to say he does not ever believe in punishment. Responsible and respectful criticism of Dr. Greene’s work has suggested that he needs to address the benefit of setting some limits firmly. Children raised by Ross Greene fans who have never faced clear limits growing up have sometimes faced real problems growing up. But where limits need to be set, we encourage a concept of “consequences” rather than “punishment.” “Punish” implies hurting. “Consequence” does not.

        Tom Croke for FamilyLight

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