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Editor's note:  This is from the text of a letter sent from Larry Carter, Founder and Executive Director of Logan River Academy, to referring professionals in December, 2014. We append it here to allow our readers to access this very concise description of services. 

Logan River Academy serves as the umbrella organization for a family of separate specialized programs in milieu, space, and curriculum:

  • ESSENCE Program--Serving students on the autism spectrum: With over 5 years of service specializing in the unique needs of these students, we have achieved great results and are pleased with the great progress of our students have achieved. ESSENCE is an acronym for the areas we focus on in treatment: Executive Functioning*Sensory*Self care*Emotional regulation*Navigating relationships*Communication*and Empathy.
  • Foundations Program--Specializing in neurotypical students, those presenting with depression, bipolar disorder, opposition, obsessive compulsive disorder, trauma, anxiety, and attachment disorders work in a Principle Based Model of Honesty, Respect, Accountability, Caring, and Fairness.
  • Tavasi--Our transition program allows students a safe and nurturing environment to test their skill Development in a home-like setting and internalize those traits prior to discharge.
  • Young Adult Program--For those students ages 18 and 19 who have not completed high school, we have separate housing and enhanced program opportunities to keep them engaged and progressing on clinical and academic work. It has proven very helpful for a number of students who otherwise would have “aged out” of a program focused on high school completion.
  • Maple Rise Academy--Our girls’ program located seven miles from our main campus in a beautiful country setting. It has its own programming, including mini horses, gardening, cultural activities, health and fitness, and other activities designed for female students.  Girls balance the gender-specific program with the ‘life like’ experience of a co-ed school. This provides a structured and highly supervised co-ed experience for part of their day, which translates well with what they will likely experience after completing treatment. Your support of this truly successful and exciting program has been appreciated.

Each of these services and unique programs gives us the ability to address specific clinical needs in smaller, self contained programs, while providing each of our students the sophisticated setting of a more traditional school setting with teacher directed classes and a broad curriculum. We believe this provides a better social and learning atmosphere, and prepares students to be successful after leaving our care. The very culture and fabric of our campus, students and staff, has evolved into an even more clinically sensitive, supportive, and nurturing environment.

Larry Carter
Executive Director

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