Mental Health Co-Op (Introduction)

This is a residential  program for all ages of adults, 18 and over.  It offers five primary services: (1)Intensive mental health treatment, (2) Life skills support, (3) Ongoing Care,  (4)Adults in Transition,  and (5) support for independent living.  In addition Mental Health Co-Op begins all new admissions with a one month Assessment, offers Respite Care for patients in need of temporary staffed housing, and provides transition services for patients moving out into the community but still needing support.  This is an extremely unusual combination of services.   In addition, the program offers a continuum of levels of supervision and independence which cut across these different services.

What makes this program stand out is its extreme transparency, its ability to work with folks who are treatment resistant, and to make progress with people who not made progress in other settings.  Because the program consists in over a dozen buildings scattered in a residential neighborhood, the environment for each resident can be shaped to an accommodating peer group, although the food service is in one dining room where most of the residents eat.

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Last updated March 16, 2015

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