Provo Canyon School — Introduction

Provo Canyon School is a Residential Treatment Center operating on two Campuses.  The original location is in Provo Utah, on a campus serving only adolescent (high school age) boys.  The new campus in Springville Utah serves all of the girls they serve and the younger boys.   The original campus in Provo is made up of older buildings which may have outlived their usefulness. Provo Canyon School management, at last report (November 2014) was assessing the implications of replacing the original buildings in Provo with a new building on the Springville property.  At this writing we do not know the status of that project.

Provo Canyon School has been controversial due to some past practices.  The controversy is mostly about practices that have not occurred for many years.  As was true in the past, Provo Canyon School currently intentionally seeks some of the most behaviorally challenging young people.  However they are currently well within the boundaries of appropriate clinical care for the populations they serve.  To illustrate that point, Ken Stettler, who managed program licensing in Utah for many years left that position to work for Provo Canyon School. His transparency, aggressive oversight, and highest standards of integrity are legendary.  One does not put Ken Stettler in a significant management position then engage in slipshod practices.

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