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Asheville North Carolina

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Real Recovery serves the same function as what has been traditionally been called a halfway house, but in a much more sophisticated way than we usually see at a halfway house. They call themselves Sober Living Houses and Recovery Residences. Real recovery is designed to help people who have experienced treatment and begun recovery in a closed environment begin to apply that knowledge in a supportive but much more open and flexible setting.

In a very rural setting, served by a gravel road, they have two very comfortable houses, and a very small building, on the main property. We did not see the third house, which is a less structured location that our hosts described informally as "a three quarter way house." That house is within the same rural district on the same gravel road as the main property -- a long walk or short drive away.

Real Recovery is an offering of Pyramid Healthcare.

One of the two houses on the main property is for drug/ alcohol abstinent residents in recovery. The other is specifically for people in recovery from opiate addiction with pharmacological assist, such as Suboxone. These houses are for residence purposes only. Clinical issues are addressed at a rental property in the city of Asheville, where meetings with therapists and psychiatrists occur. For the residents needing medication administration, that occurs at October Road, another Asheville program owned by Pyramid Healthcare. Transportation is provided by Real Recovery, if needed, although some residents have their own cars on site and ride sharing occurs. Residents are expected to spend significant amounts of time off-site in Asheville, for employment, education, volunteer work, and in some cases social events.

Typical residents are young men in the age range of 18 to 28 who have had some kind of primary treatment immediately prior to entering the program, often a wilderness program, a traditional rehab, or a psychiatric hospital.  They have been admitted after expressing a desire to learn how to apply what they gained in primary treatment, out in the "real world."

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