Solstice (aka Solstice West) — Introduction

Layton Utah

Our original review page of Solstice (Member access) has transitioned into a review the Solstice group of programs as a whole. As is our custom, we have a publicly accessible introduction to that page which has gone through a similar transition. (or is going through that transition) This page is a publicly accessible introduction to the review of this one venue. In order to understand our complete opinion on the Solstice program in Layton Utah, it is important to consider both the pages about all of Solstice and the pages focused on this single venue.

This Solstice facility is located in the part of Layton which was on the edge of the developed part of Layton when it first opened. From the front this property looks like very upscale suburban homes in a developing neighborhood.  If you walk around back it seems rural and more like farm country.  When Solstice first opened, their equine therapy facility was directly behind the main house, contributing to the sense of this being farm country.  Equine is now at another location a short distance away.

Although there are subtle differences in how things are done between this venue and the sister program in North Carolina, the most significant differences are about the setting. This venue is is Suburban America. The North Carolina venue is rural remote location America.

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Last update August 15, 2017

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