Timbersong Academy and Fernwood Academy — Introduction

Layton Utah (Fernwood)
Weaverville North Carolina (Timbersong)

Fernwood Academy was created to provide education for students in residence at the Solstice Group of programs in Utah. Timbersong Academy was created to provide education for Solstice Group of programs  in North Carolina and for those at Asheville Academy. Credits and/ or graduation from one of these schools are as well received as those from any accredited school in the USA. However, documentation of credits and/ or graduation will not include reference to a therapeutic facility. These schools are accredited by Advanc-Ed.

Although Timbersong Academy is based in Weaverville, North Carolina, in a building abutting the campus of Solstice East, it provides services to Asheville Academy and Equinox on those campuses. Of the Solstice Group campuses, only residents of Journey Home and Journey Home East must leave their residence and travel to Fernwood or Timbersong to access Fernwood or Timbersong services. Note that secondary education, as offered by Fernwood and Timbersong, is not a need of most Journey Home residents.

These are schools that operates in classrooms with physically present teachers who are expert in their subject matter. It is not on-line or packet study. We don't rule out the possibility that a student might take an occasional online course in a subject not otherwise available, but that would be an exception to the norm.  Courses are available for dual high school and college credit.

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Links to Solstice Affiliated programs: 

Website of Fernwood Academy

Website of Timbersong Academy

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