Turn-About Ranch — Introduction

Escalante Utah

Turn-About Ranch is a program with tremendous potential. We had lost confidence in it during the days it was owned by Aspen/ CRC Health/  Bain Capital. Under the current (August 2015) owners and Executive Director, Michelle Lindsay, we see a strong trend toward improvement.  We recently had the opportunity to discuss our past concerns and with Ms. Lindsay and liked what she had to say. We have respect for Ms. Lindsay's competence and integrity, so we are not suspecting that anything she said was contrary to fact, but we also have not independently verified all that she told us.

Our great respect for Ms. Lindsay notwithstanding, we want to see further improvements before giving our strongest vote of confidence.  These hoped for improvements are noted in detail in the members' full review  If you are considering this program for your son or daughter, we strongly urge you to read the full review.

Please read our full disclaimer. You are responsible for verifying our information before acting on it.

Full Review of Turn-About Ranch (Members)

Reviews and Discussion of Individual Schools and Programs

Website of Turn-About Ranch

Last Update August 15, 2015; Minor edits July 26, 2016

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