University Neuropsychiatric Institute (University of Utah) — Introduction

Salt Lake City, Utah

University Neuropsychiatric Institute (UNI) has been a valuable resource for decades in Salt Lake City.  As behavioral and mental health programs for private-pay families clustered in the Salt Lake City area as early as the 1980s,  UNI and Primary Children's Hospital became the usual back-up facilities for children in any of the Northern Utah programs for children and teens who needed hospital level care.  Until second decade of this century, neither hospital's psychiatric service actively sought clients from a distance. That still appears to be true at Primary Children's Hospital. However UNI has expanded its service to include a comprehensive Diagnostic and Assessment service for children and teens.

Further discussion of UNI is available for members.  That is not a full review but is a discussion of pros and cons.

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Further information on UNI for members.

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