Vista Treatment Centers — Introduction

Vista Treatment Centers are actually five programs all operating near each other and closely coordinated with each other in Salt Lake City, Utah, and suburban towns Magna and Sandy.   For us it was a close call whether to enter Vista Treatment Centers as a major provider and list each of the five programs separately.   They seem to us to be more closely related and connected than we see in most programs of common ownership.  So we are taking a middle ground. Our review covers the five separate programs together.  The full review will add additional pages specific to the separate programs as conditions warrant.

  • Vista Magna
  • Vista Sage
  • Vista at Dimple Dell
  • Vista Teen Living
  • Vista Counseling Services
  • Stansfield Academy
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Full Review of Vista Treatment Centers  Members    This is partially complete.

Schools and Programs Most in Play

Comparison of Northern Utah RTCs       

Search Post of Vista  (pending)

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Last Updated June 18, 2015

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