Waypoint Academy — Introduction

Waypoint Academy is a new addition to the menu of services created by Jared Balmer, Ph. D.  Dr. Balmer is a man well known to us who has been the founder of several other programs and in each case has done an excellent job.  We hear Waypoint described as his “last project” before retirement.  Knowing Dr.Balmer, he will keep his “hands on the wheel” until Waypoint is well established and ready to fly without his level of expertise. We are bit skeptical about him ever actually retiring so long as he has his health.

Tom visited Waypoint in August 2014.  Program was fully operational although building was still underway.  Location is rural.   Driving there from Salt Lake City includes the last few miles on a road that is more for scenery than speed.  But some of the scenery is outstanding.  As is true with any facility that Dr. Balmer gets his hands on, the physical plant is attractive and built in a practical manner, anticipating the onslaught of teenage boys.  It is both highly functional and still quite easy on the eye.

Waypoint serves a very specific and narrow population.  Everything about Waypoint focused on anxiety.

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