Major Provider Organizations

This page lists organizations that we are aware of that own or manage or market multiple programs that are in the FamilyLight area of interest. In addition we list  organizations that hold a number of programs in the public sector and perhaps just one of interest to FamilyLight.   However, insight into the values and operation of a parent group may give insight into the individual facility.  All are subject to review. Those major providers that have a search post, have that in lieu of search posts on each individual program in that organization.  We have no current plans to grade or rate these provider groups. In some cases, the relationship between the organization listed here and the individual schools and programs associated with it is not ownership.   It may be a management contract or a marketing consortium.  But we at FamilyLight believe that the organizations listed here are in every case responsible for quality standards the programs we find are associated with it, and in some cases. we do not believe they live up to that expectation.

The following is a key to abbreviations and notes on entries.  All of these also appear on each of the individual "letter" pages in our index.

  • M=Member Access only
  • P=Public Access
  • A=Archived, not current.
  • S=Search Post –Members only
  • IN=Introduction to a review if current; very limited review if old — Public Access
  • RM=Review — Members only access.
  • RP=Review — Public Access
  • EXP=Explanation

The following are the major organizations known to us.

Please read our full disclaimer. You are responsible for verifying our information before acting on it.

See also Major Provider Organizations  archive in  the Old Format.

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Please read our full disclaimer. You are responsible for verifying our information before acting on it.

Last updated August 25, 2018

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