Aspiro Group of Programs — Introduction

On October 27, 2014, we received from the Aspiro Group a paper describing research backing for some of the methods used by the Aspiro Group.   Far too many times we run into research claims from other programs, that the programs are subsequently unable to document.  Aspiro has addressed that problem with a paper describing some of their methods that are research based and provide citations of the research, and we have linked that paper here.  A short advertising video which describes additional ongoing research appears here.

On November 17 and 18, 2014, our consultant, Tom Croke, visited all of the programs below except Pure Life.  It was noted that Aspiro and Outback have two very different philosophies of what a wilderness program should be. They clearly believe that each philosophy has a place and they have no intention of re-defining Outback to make it more like Aspiro or vice versa. The are considering providing some guidelines on how to match either program with the right person.  Our prediction is that some things from each program will eventually influence the other.

The programs corporately affiliated with Aspiro are as follows:

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