Our apologies to Innerchange and to our readers.  Over a year ago a note had appeared here that we are re-appraising Innerchange and would be updating our review. Then we failed to come back to that. Now an update is a front burner item.                               

Innerchange is one of the very best of the Major Provider groups that operates multiple programs. This is a company that maintains the highest quality in all "partner" programs.

We have historically been critical of InnerChange because of some negative experience in the far distant past. Those experiences are relevant only to the extent that they predict the future. We are satisfied that corrective action has been taken on the concerns we had, and that on at least one point we had erred in our criticisms.  Contributing  to our reversal on this was a very candid face to face conversation with Kimball DeLaMare, Chief Legacy Officer at InnerChange.  Another major contribution to this was a meeting with a clinician in an Innerchange Partner Program whose actions had contributed to our concerns.  Whether we were  right or wrong in our concerns about that particular situation, that person is now a seasoned professional in whom we have great confidence.

We are now satisfied that Innerchange is one of the highest quality major provider groups. We are not yet rating major providers and umbrella organizations in our gradings and ratings system, but if we were doing so, Innerchange would get an A rating at this time.

We will be adding additional information, then moving this page to the member section, and creating a public Introduction.

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Last update October 25, 2016

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