Pyramid Healthcare — Introduction

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Pyramid Healthcare is a company that started small and was successful as a small company. Based upon that success, they grew slowly, all within Pennsylvania, in the beginning. Most of their programming was patronized primarily by people who had benefits through the state and/or counties as opposed to privately funded. In  2012, having joined forces with Clearview Capital, they began to acquire programming in other states, initially New Jersey and North Carolina.  We expect this trend to continue, with forays into new states.

Pyramid is also entering the "private pay" market.  High Focus, a Pyramid acquisition in New Jersey, is planning to open Waypointe in the summer of 2017, the first foray by the High Focus folks into residential services. Their advance approach to marketing appears to want to draw clients from a distance, and not be simply a service of local interest.  Pyramid also have their "silver" programs, Silvermist in Pennsylvania and Silver Ridge in North Carolina. These "luxury" facilities are clearly focused on a high end clients, primarily around mid-life.

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Website of Pyramid  We have linked to the "Leadership" page of Pyramid's website rather than their homepage.  The homepage is simply about the Pennsylvania holdings; the Leadership page provides company history and some insight into their services in New Jersey and North Carolina as well as Pennsylvania.  Pyramid website accessed June 27, 2017.

Last update July 17, 2017

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