First Step Adolescent Services — Eddie and Tyna Curry — Introduction

As we introduce our new Gradings and Ratings System,  we are pleased to announce that First Step Adolescent Services  falls into our initial group of nine services scoring an “A” rating.  Congratulations to Eddie and Tyna.  

First Step Adolescent Service, operated by Eddie and Tyna Curry, is a company where you do business from beginning to end with the people who will interact with your son or daughter.  In addition, so far as we know they are the most experienced transport team in working across international borders.

We at FamilyLight use a number of different providers.    Many of the larger providers work with operatives that are reasonably competent.   The problem is that like most large companies, some workers are more competent than others and large numbers of the people who do the actual work work only part time in this business.   Hiring them is usually a little bit like hiring a baby sitter by going to an employment agency and turning your children over to whoever the employment agency sends.  We much prefer to work with the small operators like First Step where all dealings are directly with the people who will be transporting your son or daughter.

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Website of First Step Adolescent Services

Facebook of First Step Adolescent Services

YouTube Interview of Eddie and Tyna

BBC Article On Eddie and Tyna

Last update March 1, 2015

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