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As we introduce our new Gradings and Ratings System,  we are pleased to announce that Vision Adolescent Services  falls into our initial group of nine services scoring an “A” rating.  Congratulations to John Haywood! 

Vision Adolescent Service, operated by John Haywood, is a company where you do business from beginning to end with the people who will interact with your son or daughter.

We at FamilyLight use a number of different providers.    Many of the larger providers work with operatives that are reasonably competent.   The problem is that like most large companies, some workers are more competent than others and large numbers of the people who do the actual work work only part time in this business.   Hiring them is usually a little bit like hiring a baby sitter by going to an employment agency and turning your children over to whoever the employment agency sends.  We much prefer to work with the small operators like Vision where all dealings are directly with the people who will be transporting your son or daughter.

John personally participants in all transports contracted with his company.  With all people escorted under the age of 18, John hires one out of a select group of agents to work with him.    This person may be male or female when a male is transported; it is always a female when a female is transported.

We initially worked with John on recommendation from Eddie Curry when Eddie could not be available.   We quickly found that his excellence matched that of Eddie and Tyna when he was faced with some unusually difficult situations with clients we referred.  We are also impressed by his handling of "holding" young people when pickup time and admission time do not match.    We think of one young man who was a guest with John and his family for Thanksgiving dinner, far away from his family.

John is based in a small town in the center of California.  At times our clients can get a lower rate somewhere else, largely due to transportation costs.   Other factors can sometimes run his costs higher than the large companies.  But just as often his rates are fully competitive.  But when you need the very best Vision is one of our two top choices.

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Last update May 8, 2014

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