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 About this page:

"Issues of Concern" replaces "Topics of Interest" in the old website format.  Individual Topics and Issues are listed both here and at "Issues of Concern" which is organized under "Virtual Consultant."

This page is open to the general public.  If the article listed below is "members only" the link is to the corresponding introduction page.

Most readers will comfortably skip this paragraph, but for those who really want to understand our sense of organization:   Topics and issues that were addressed in the old format will have their updates with this page as their "parent."   Entirely new topics will be organized in the tree director under "Virtual Consultant"  with "Issues of Concern" as their "parent." But all such articles will be linked from this page and from "Issues of Concern."

We hope people seeking resources for a person with special needs without neutral professional guidance will familiarize themselves with the topics discussed here that are relevant to their situation before making a selection.

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