History of Differences over Addiction Treatment Methods — Introduction

Twelve step recovery was viewed not only with suspicion but perhaps even more with condescension by the mental health community following World War II.  Prior to that, for the most part, the mental health community ignored it. Since the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in 1935, it was small and active in only few places and had little mass appeal until after World War II.  In those days, “mental health professional community” meant psychiatrists.  But the fact was that alcoholics were getting sober in AA and psychiatry seemed to have no answers.  AA began to get some professional recognition after E. Morton Jellinek published his study of AA in 1946.  Flawed though that study was, it was the first formal professional recognition of what AA was accomplishing.

As time went on, it was not just the psychiatrists who attacked twelve step work.   Twelve step advocates  over-reached claiming more territory than we believe was justified.  Read more, Go to Full Article   (Member access)

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