Substance Abuse and Addiction — Introduction

The full "Substance Abuse and Addiction" article is the opening of a discussion of Substance Abuse and Addiction issues.  We won’t try to be very precise about a definition of drug abuse. In general, we refer to any destructive use of legal or illegal drugs and/or alcohol with negative consequences or at high risk of negative consequences as substance abuse.  We realize that definition is both broad and vague. We do not plan to clarify that further at that this point.  We are concerned about confusion over the meaning of “addiction” and we want to clarify that.  Confusion over that leads to many bad decisions and contributes to fraudulent marketing. 

This article addresses current understanding of addiction, implications for traditional and new methods of treatment, and basics that all programs should offer. We challenge both sides in the "Twelve Step vs. not Twelve Step" conflict;  each side has merit and both sides should be cooperating in the interest of the general public.

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Last update July 2, 2018

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