Arbinger Principles

The Arbinger Institute is an organization that began from scholarly study of the problem of self deception.  That led to demand for organizational application.  As we understand it, those organizational applications were generally business applications.  But later they began to be applied to therapeutic work, especially, but not exclusively, family work.

The books most likely to be helpful for families and for therapeutic endeavors are The Anatomy of Peace and Leadership and Self Deception.  These are fictional works, where the stories told are about people learning and initially applying Arbinger principles.  Both are part of the life story of the fictional story of Lou Herbert, a business man with a very challenging teen-aged daughter.  In The Anatomy of Peace, Lou and his wife and daughter learn Arbinger principles in a therapeutic context.   In Leadership and Self Deception, Lou is applying the Arbinger principles to his business.

We encourage all schools and programs to consider applying Arbinger principles to their work.   We do not think Arbinger is in all cases essential to quality therapeutic programming, but we do believe that applying Arbinger principles would improve effectiveness of many if not most schools and programs not currently using them. Having stated that, we also know some programs that never heard of Arbinger applying very similar if not identical principles.  These programs  may have figured out concepts themselves or learned them from a different source and use an entirely different vocabulary to describe them.   We think the logic of these principles is irrefutable and the Arbinger publications are the most efficient way to communicate them.

Partial list of Schools and programs using Arbinger  (this is not a complete list; please use comments space below to suggest additions):

  • Anasazi Foundation
  • Arivaca Ranch
  • Legacy Outdoor Adventures
  • Telos

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Last Update  May 17, 2016

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